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74streetbags. Us.

74street. The Designers. The hand crafters. The Brains. The Managers. The Executives. The PRs. The Marketing Managers. The creatives. The Artists. The Models. The Family. The Lovers. All Full Time Jobs. The two Men Show. 74streetbags.

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What's inside your bag?

What's inside your bag? Please don't tell me that the only thing i can find there is the mess. What about a picture of the one you love? And your phone that your entire life depends on ? What about your favourite book dropped in there -for just in case- thinking that you might have five minutes only for yourself and... what about the papers you worked so hard to finish them last night? .... or your your make-up, just a few little things that will help you keep so fresh and beautiful all day? And, cold you ever forget about the perfume that reminds you of him on your last vacation to Rome? So there! It's time to start loving the inside of your bag at list as much as the outside. It can say so many things about you!