marți, 5 august 2014

Landscape Designer Architect Leather Bag - a special design concept for Marcos

Marcos - this is one of our favourite protects! has born around a beautiful story between two wonderful and beautiful people: Julia and Marcos. Marcos is a well-known designer in the capital of Australia and was around his birthday, when Julia contacted me to ask me to design for her beloved man a bag with many-many special needs. It should and it is of course a bag for a 15 inch laptop, for his iPad, to be able to be fixed on his trolley metal handle during his multiple travels, to be roomy enough for many other things such as" files, agenda, phone, big charger, lots of writing tools, cards place and the most important thing was a special place for his plans, big paper rolls that he cares with him each and every day. Around this little story and 95 e-mails this beautiful bag has borne. Soooo, there it is


- two big compartments
- a big iPad front pocket
- a secret pocket on the back
- special place on the back to go through the bag with the troller metal frame during traveling
- straps adjustable ones for the big paper rolls underneath the main flap
- hardened handle
- adjustable shoulder strap padded with felt
- special Iphone 5  pocket
- passport pocket

Price 350$

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